About Lavinia hotel

Your Perfect Escape

Negombo is an enthralling multicultural city bounded by the most exquisite beaches along its palm fringed coastline. The city thrives off the tourism and fish industry- homing the second largest fish market in the country.
Its mesmerizing old quarter takes back centuries onto the old European days; for an instance when the Dutch were captivated by the astounding beauty of the city, which resulted in the makings of many monumental aspects that stand to date. Introduction of cinnamon to the world market and the 100km long canal system were some of their beneficial acts.

Towards the suburbs, away from the congestion, Lavinia is located 2km north of town. Beyond the Hamilton canal along the western coastal belt, the hotel is the first to greet among the chain of hotels in line. Emphasizing on the calm and serene atmosphere, Hotel Lavinia uses a contemporary architecture and subtle infrastructure overwhelming the eco friendly environment.

The hotel consists of fully furnished air conditioned rooms with a panoramic view of the tropical coast. A luscious restaurant of internal and oriental cuisine- mainly seafood and the pool area with an outdoor restaurant alongside to bring in an authentic holiday under the palm fringed, sun kissed west coast. A hospitable, carefree homely stay is assured!!

Neither close nor beyond, Lavinia is situated in an idyllic location within the proximity of an array of hotspots in the vicinity, promoting itself as an ideal hotel hub.  The International Airport being 15 minutes away, 32km away from Colombo and an accessible drive towards further North enables Dolphin and Whale watching at Kalpitiya and a Safari at the Wilpattu National Park.

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